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Dear SCAGD members,

Please know that the AGD is busy working through the issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the AGD website and take advantage of the many resources available.

As you know, this pandemic has resulted in office closures throughout our state. Many offices continue to see patients on an emergency basis. Please refer to the ADA guidelines regarding recommended guidelines and the definition of emergency care.

Dental office closures have obviously brought about staff and cash flow issues that most dentists have never experienced. The following links may help answer questions regarding these issues.

Please note that the situation is changing rapidly and highly dependent on the actions of Congress. It is highly recommended that you consult legal advice before making major decisions regarding your employees.

During this time of uncertainty, we are encouraged to focus on the health of our family and ourselves. Consider a family meeting to discuss a routine involving healthy sleep patterns, nutrition, and exercise. As this crisis unfolds, please be aware of the psychological toll it will take on everyone involved. The CDC has information regarding mental health during this time.

If boredom becomes an issue, please take a look at 100 things you can do while social distancing.

These are unprecedented times. Perhaps it is too early to look for some type of silver lining. Take some time to call friends and family. Make your family, yourself, and your relationships stronger in this time of uncertainty. We will get through this together.

Jeffrey J. Gardner, DMD, MAGD